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Regulations 1994
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Due to the onerous responsibility the regulations put on clients, Apex realise that most companies cannot afford the time for their employees to firstly become familiar with and secondly implement these regulations whilst continuing to run their business. The CDM Regulations place a responsibility on the Client to ensure that on all types of construction work, they are satisfied that the Designers, Principal Contractor, Design Consultant and any Contractor or Supplier having a design input are competent and have adequate resources for health and safety. Cube Industries Limited acting as the client’s agent takes the responsibilities away from the client.


CDM REGULATIONS apply to all construction work which is notifiable to the HSE on F10:

  • The construction phase will take more than 29 days
  • It is expected to take more than 500 person days
  • All demolition works
  • Any work which will involve 5 people or more on site at any one time
  • All design works


CDM REGULATIONS do not apply:

  • Where the enforcing agency is the local authority
  • Domestic Works


Role of the client Client's Agent
Planning Supervisor Principle Contractor Health & Safety File Designers or Contractors
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