Planning Supervisor
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Appointing a planning supervisor

You have to appoint a competent and adequately resourced planning supervisor. You should make this appointment as early as possible during the design and planning work for the project so that they can carry out their duties and advise you if necessary on the subsequent appointment of others.
The planning supervisor has responsibility for co-ordinating the health and safety aspects of design and for ensuring the pre-tender stage health and safety plan is prepared. The planning supervisor is also responsible for ensuring the health and safety file is prepared.
For most projects the planning supervisor will be an organisation (eg, architectural practice, consulting engineers, project managers or contractors) with design and construction experience and with relevant knowledge of health and safety. In some cases, particular expertise may need to be brought in. Except for the smallest projects it is unlikely the planning supervisor will be an individual.

To determine the competence of prospective planning supervisors, you will need to make enquiries to determine whether they have the skills and experience to carry out the duties of planning supervisor. This could involve looking at their previous track record, experience and general arrangements for carrying out the duties of the planning supervisor

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